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Become the best version of you with our tailored made programmes. Long term success can be made by making small changes to ones habits, therefore we will gradually ensure you progress in a simple and achieveable way.

Client programmes are shaped through evalution and asessment of physical qualities and lifestyle habits. We will work with you on setting acheiveable goals based on your wants and needs creating a holistic and purposeful approach.


An athlete centered approach with bespoke programming for your needs. Enhance your performance and reduce the risk of injuries.


At EXHALE our duty is to build robust athletes. Science is the foundation of our methodology so expect programmes designed with the latest research.



Young people can greatly benefit from appropriate paediatric fitness and sports performance training. Develop motor skills, strength, speed, power, mobilty and endurance.


We work with children of all abilities aged 7-18 and shape them into confident fitness loving individuals. Our coach Sam has a huge amount of experience with young people from his previous roles in physical education and academy football to his current role in performance tennis.

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